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We start our week with our mission in focus as the Moon waxes in practical Capricorn on Sunday until p. Gather your strength at home as you prepare to move through the world. The Moon enters independent Aquarius at p. EST on Sunday, leading us into the week with a strong sense of self. Use this positive energy to enjoy some alone time and put your energy towards learning new skills or picking up a new book.

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It could be challenging to center yourself on Monday when thought ruler Mercury opposes innovative Uranus. Practice collecting your thoughts and let yourself explore more creative pursuits as these planets work against each other. Beware of power struggles on Monday, when the Sun squares against taskmaster Saturn. It could be hard to understand the perspectives of others as these heavenly bodies clash. This transit intensifies our attitude towards ideas surrounding abundance, love and aesthetics.

Need to recharge your emotional batteries? Hit the hay early on Tuesday night and rejuvenate yourself while the Moon goes void-of-course at p.

VOC moons are a wonderful opportunity to press pause and recenter yourself. This phase is a beautiful time to get in touch with your emotions and to be vulnerable to those you love. Channel your energy into creative pursuits that allow you to get in touch with your romantic side. On Saturday, flirtatious Venus opposes chaotic Uranus creating a few sparks on the dating scene. Enjoy the moment and keep your options open.

The weekend will be anything but laid-back as the Moon waxes into fiery Aries at p. With brilliant Mercury and artistic Venus travelling through your relationship zone, you and a romantic partner may join forces on a creative project. On January 9 th , compelling Pluto can transform an idea into a reality Take action that move it forward at the Capricorn new moon on January 16 th.

Cats, especially Cancer ones, are extremely sensitive to full moons as well as lunar eclipses, which are super powerful full moons.

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Make self-care a priority for both yourself and kitty during the January 1 st full moon and the January 31 st full moon lunar eclipse. Secretly thinking about a dramatically different hair style or new wardrobe?

Leo Sign Horoscope Personality Traits - Astrology By The Astro Twins - Refinery29

Go for it! The January 31 st lunar eclipse in impossible-to-ignore Leo falls in your zone of personality and appearance; your confidence and self-worth will get a major boost. Leo cats are proud and love to preen. A nice new brush and an extra-long grooming session would be the best present ever.


Amorous Venus visits serious Capricorn and your zone of romance and recreation, making this month one of the most passionate and creative times of the year. Single or spoken for, a relationship gets serious. Circle January 8 th and 9 th when Venus hobnobs with the sun, Jupiter and Pluto.

We know how organized and on top of things Virgos are, so why not bring kitty to the vet for his annual check-up this month? There are no retrograde planets and lots of excellent days with good aspects to guarantee everything goes well — not just for you but for kitty, too. January 5, 8, 9, 15, 16, 25, and 25 are all great dates. January is full of surprises. A chance to go on an unexpected trip could materialize January 6 th , and an unforeseen expense pops up on January 12 th ; handle it immediately.

The January 31 st lunar eclipse falls in your networking zone; someone you meet at a social event or online could turn out to be important.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Creative Venus spends time in your zone of self-expression January 17 th through February 10 th ; your muse is calling. Fortunately, Libra kitties love to pose. Scorpios tend to stay in the background, but the January 31 st eclipse in outgoing Leo propels you into the spotlight. The weekend of January 13 th has some nervous energy and disruptive Uranus makes a challenging aspect to both Venus and the sun.

Scorpios kitties as well as people may be stressed. Money seems to be coming from everywhere, as the January 1 st full moon brings some form of windfall. Plus, with six planets in your financial zone, you may end up doing a lot of overtime.

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

The January 31 st lunar eclipse sparks a change in your thinking. Sagittarian kitties can be loners; they love their freedom and they love to roam. With all the earthy Capricorn energy this month, you may be surprised how affectionate they are. Give them some extra love. The sun, moon and four other planets gather in Capricorn, giving you the motivation to turn your dream into something real. The Cancer full moon on January 1 st brings a new relationship or deepens your current one.

On January 8 th and 9 th the Capricorn sun connects with Pluto, Venus, Jupiter and Mars, creating new opportunities and influential contacts. The annual Capricorn new moon on January 16 th is your power time. The responsible Capricorn new moon on January 16 th is the perfect time to set your goals and visions for the months ahead. What about Kitty? What does he need?

Nails clipped, a thorough brushing and what about ordering his food and vitamins? Venus visits your sign from January 17 th to February 10 th ; doors open, people are attracted to you and life is smoother and sweeter. On January 19 th , the sun enters Aquarius and your birthday season commences. Start making your wish list.

January 24 you may be tempted to hang on to a grudge; take the high road instead. If not, just celebrate his along with yours!