Leo sun leo moon horoscope

This is a time for powerful realignment that not only empowers you to practice discipline in your finances and tangibility. While you may not bear all your fruit at the moment, you must allow yourself to shine first. This New Moon is everything you need to make this happen. This is now, Leo. Show up. For many of you, it connects to relationships with anything such as breakups, engagements, children, or marriage.

Others of you, however, may be experiencing this as an underlying theme whereas the overarching theme has been sorting out the details with documents, communications, finances, or any resource allowing you to create movement in this area of your life.

leo sun leo moon

A lot of 2nd and 3rd house activity will re-gain momentum with this New Moon. The eclipses impacting your 5th and 11th houses may have sparked creativity and lightheartedness; however, it also pushed you far into your mental space. You may feel more empowered in the details during this time. You may have been overlooking something that can be your saving grace. Finances and acquisitions are highlighted for you. Be impeccable with your word and watch your outcomes be impeccable with their manifestation, dear Virgo. Feel the energy elevate, Libra.

Leo Sun, Virgo Moon : “The Life of Kings” – SAGITTARIAN MIND CONSULTING™

For others, it can be rifts in the family unit— whether it be their lack of support in a new career interest or imposing expectations that can be slightly overwhelming. Your situation may be lacking the necessary details, more or less. You may feel more talkative on your behalf, so be sure to listen to both others and your inner voice. Expect weird signs and mentally note them. Just be patient, Libra. Screw having a lease on life, Scorpio. I think we both know you want more for yourself than your humility allows you to admit. Sometimes we hold ourselves back from achieving the desired level of success not because we feel others have power over us— but instead how much we fear our own power.

This is especially true for you during this New Moon. Because the new season is shifting your vibration from the 5th to 4th house, many of you may be experiencing self-doubt— therefore provoking an urgency for familiarity and falling back into your comfort zone. Some of you may also be dealing with family sentiments; however, I believe family is always a present theme with Scorpio. Since the July eclipse cycle also impacted your 3rd and 5th houses, shadowed details are confusing you.

If you feel someone has been keeping tabs on you, let them. You thrive on details only presented through intuitive lens. This is your greatest power right now, Scorpio.

Looks like someone has been good. Creativity is flowing through you during this time, which can empower you to overcome how others have measured your success. The struggle is real with the South Node in your sign, dear Capricorn. This July eclipse cycle extracted the toxins from how you feel in your own skin to surface. Although these people are one of the most generous, they hate ingratitude and thus want people to thank them whenever they do a favour or two to anyone.

These individuals enjoy their sense of freedom and are protective about it. They have an artistic flair attached to their personality and may be connected to arts in some way or the other or just plainly interested in it. They possess a sense of poise and a natural aura of authority along with pride. Such individuals don't normally exhibit the tendency of taking extreme risks unless they are sure that they are going to succeed.

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They don't like to face defeat publicly as they feel it will depict their personality in a negative sense to others. Would like to know more about yourself or a beloved? Get a clear personalised, Birth Chart Analysis — Janampatri — and you will get to know all about your life, various planets in your Horoscope, the opportunities you should not miss and the difficult periods that you should be careful of. Also know about your love, career, education and more. Positive Qualities Individuals with the moon in Leo are popular amongst people and have a dynamic, pleasing personality.

They often tend to have a people centric approach and are generous to others. They love to shower favours on others and are very much giving and kind in nature. They have an inherent sense of fair play in them and are always open to reason.

Leo Moon Sign Emotions

These people are very passionate in nature and usually live their life to the fullest. They are born leaders and can handle power with ease, a quality that comes naturally to them. Such individuals have a lot of integrity and have a strong sense of justice. Such individuals tend to be very idealistic in nature and don't hesitate to make a personal sacrifice if the need arises and if they believe in that particular cause. They may be materialistic, but they also have a huge sense of responsibility and carry out the tasks entrusted to them with great dedication and honour.

Another positive quality about them is that they generally don't fall apart when confronted with bad times and face such times with grit and determination. Also, when they are experiencing good and happy times, they are ever ready to share their happiness with others and thus spread cheer all around. Negative Qualities Individuals with the moon in Leo always want to hog the limelight and always desire that the attention of everyone should be focussed on them.

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Thus, they are attention seekers and love to dominate other people. They posses the tendency of always telling others what to do and thus always give commands to others, without themselves taking on full responsibility. In other words, such individuals always want to assume the role of leadership and seldom accept the authority of others.

They tend to be over dramatic if they feel they have been insulted or their leadership role is not accepted, and resort to sulking in order to express their disenchantment. For such individuals, social status is everything because they always want to project an image of pelf and power to others, helping them to grab power.

They also tend to be vain and snobbish in nature. Equally passionate of the Moon Aries, but somehow more manageable and less instinctive. Even in this case, however, before proceeding, to avoid trivial simplifications, I must remind you that astrology — made seriously — is not a cookbook in which it is enough to add some elements to obtain the description of the person. In any case, here are the characteristics that people have in common with the Moon in Leo. He tends to be a person who seeks intense emotions, but is not ready to take excessive risks to have them unlike the Moon Aries and the Scorpio Moon.

He loves the quiet life more. For this reason it tends to generate intense situations sometimes in a very demonstrative and dramatic way, but it always prefers to be the main actor and the governor of the drama that is put in place. People with Moon in Leo love to surround themselves with other people and are often amiable entertainers, good leaders and organizers.

Of course they are very proud: for the Leo to preserve their image and their sense of self-realization is essential. The Moon in Leo need to feel unique and special and do not tolerate injustice and ingratitude. The watchword for the Leo Moon is: attention. Yes, those who have the Moon in Leo have a deep emotional need to feel considered, appreciated, looked at, but only if the situation allows them to feel at ease and in a suitable situation. They have a great fear of to be set aside by the people they care about and, easily, they can feel neglected even when the other one is not really ignoring them but is simply living his life quietly.

Who has had a partner with the Moon in Leo, knows how much continuous attention this type of individual needs. And whoever has this Moon can gain serenity by finding within himself the awareness of being important to others without seeking continuous external evidence.

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How does the person with the Moon in Leo express this need? It depends greatly on the characteristics of the rest of the theme. One of the best traits these people have is their incredible sense of humor and charisma that simply comes out of them.

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